Since its founding in 2015 in the Breton city of Saint-Malo, o2o Studio has had the opportunity and the privilege of working on a number of interesting projects.

Moving fluidly from the challenges of a 2D series animation to collaborative pipelines on 3D feature films, the studio has been asked to participate on such different projects as - Pandas in the Fog (2D animated episode), Polo (2D cutout), Bayala (3D feature film) and Millie (3D series).

We are currently working on the 3D series Dogmatix and the Indomitables for Studio 58/Editions Albert Rene, completing all stages of production from Modelling/Lookdev to Layout/Animation through to FX and Compositing.
At the same time, a small team is preparing the teaser for the short film "Choreography of a Monster", our first o2o Studio production.


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