Qui sommes-nous ?

About us

Based in Saint-Malo since 2015, o2o Studio has been working on many projects, like the episode zero of Pandas dans la brume (Pandas in the mist) with the Director Thierry Garance, or Le Petit Poilu (The little hairy) from the editor Dupuis Audiovisuel . The team also collaborated with the publisher Bayard Jeunesse Animation on projects such as the 3D series Petit Ours brun (Little Brown Bear) and the 2D series cutout Polo. In 2018, the producer Label Anim entrusted us with the 3D teaser of their feature film What a circus!. We also worked on the 3D feature film Bayala and the 3D series Lieselote. We are currently working on the 3D series Idefix from the publisher and producer Studio 58 / Editions Albert René. o2o Studio is responsible for the pipeline development and the whole project, except the preproduction and postproduction steps. A part of the team is working on our short movie La chorégraphie du monstre (Monster choregraphy), an o2o Studio full production.